For us, it’s always been about the love of paper and design! Our goal is to make your stationery dreams come true! With extensive design and hands on experience, Paper & Poste has become an established Toronto stationery studio located in the heart of Toronto, specializing in custom and letterpress design. Today, we boast an extensive lineup of amazing stationery that we’re beyond excited about (and think you will be too!) If you’re especially adventurous, let us collaborate with you on a totally custom design! The options are endless and we can't wait to work with you!



Beckee / Graphic Designer / Design Consultant / Owner

What makes me smile: my cat, Gizmo; when my hubby gets home from tour; finding the perfect typeface for a design; the look of a beautiful paper; the taste of coffee; better yet the taste of wine; the feeling of Christmas; the warmness of a oversized scarf; the plethora of movies & TV shows on Netflix; when it’s finally comfy boot weather; and when a couple sees their invite for the first time.


Lexi / Graphic Designer / Design Consultant / Owner

What makes me smile: my pug, Tyson; post-work patio dates with fish tacos; cottage weekends in 30 degree weather; Thanksgiving in the country; my unbelievably cool sisters & parents; live music & pints; Christmas in Ellicottville, NY; and a brand new Illustrator artboard - oooh the possibilities!


Katelyn / Graphic Designer / Design Consultant

What makes me smile: big salads (2 in one bowl), flea market hunting, the softness of threadbare jeans, the first vinyasa of a sequence, dill-pickle-anything, sleeping with the window wide open in the middle of winter; the torn edge on hand-made paper, the taste of a decent gin, the tingle of a really hot eucalyptus shower, a man-bun; The way type and illustration come together to create something perfectly unique.